why hire me as a coach? ( or...why not? ; )

The single biggest difference from myself and other small business coaches is I work exclusively with people in the health and wellness field. This is what I have been doing since 1992, it's what I love, and I have seen many wonderful people - passionate about what they do - unable to make it in the business world. 

I have also seen establishments abuse employees, so I want them to have the skills to have a thriving practice of their own, if they choose to work for themselves. Details below....



I also offer coaching services  exclusively with small business entrepreneurs, specializing in the health and wellness industry. Why?

I left the corporate world back in 1992 to enter the massage therapy and bodywork field. I had handled marketing and training at local, state, and international levels for a large corporation, and thought it would be easy to transition to running my own successful massage therapy business. I remember thinking, “if I just do 10 hours a week of massage, I’ll be able to pay all my bills and have some money left over.” Easy, right?

Well, at that time - and place - when you opened the phone book and everything under the category “Massage” was a brothel…that was easier said than done! (And the city ordinance listed the activity of massage under “Adult Entertainment”...you get the picture.)  I had to immediately learn to differentiate myself as a massage therapist. That was one of many learning curves for me in crossing over from the corporate world to the health and healing world. Fortunately, the industry has changed since then, with the wellness industry becoming more mainstream and better understood.  The point is, I learned to adjust my skill sets to fit in with my new profession.

The health and wellness field also tends to attract nurturer / caregiver personality types. It is part of what makes us unique, special, great at what we do, and – more times than not – entering the field with little to no business training. (I have yet to see a bodywork program that focuses on how to set up and succeed at business once your training ends…I am trying to help fill that void.)

I have the experience and unique insight of both worlds. I understand the importance of getting specific about the value of what you offer, and then crafting a message that resonates with you. I want to help you make a plan that works for you…to help you set goals, implement it, and watch your business goals be realized.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture that requires assembly, and started putting it together only to have to take some apart again and redo it? What would have helped you? Having some direction, perhaps?  That’s what I want to provide for you. Some step by step ways to help you focus on your objective, and achieve it. 

Let me help you:

-  Think from a business perspective

-  Identify your business standards (your business vision, coupled with personal values     and beliefs)

-  Choose your competitive strategy

-  Learn the ONLY 3 ways to build sales

-  Prioritize tasks and manage your time so you don’t feel overwhelmed

-  Help keep you motivated

-  Offer a judgment free zone for input

-  Be your “accountability partner”

If this sounds like something you need, then pick up the phone...let's talk! 

413 637-8001

Sonya S. Bykofsky is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the NCBTMB, and an Approved Continuing Education Provider. She a licensed massage therapist in the states of Massachusetts and Washington, and has been working exclusively from her in-home office in Lenox, Massachusetts since 2009. She also offers motivational speaking, specializing in the massage / bodywork / spa industry.